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They're seeing what God planned and it will surely come to pass because it's the word of God and what God speaks comes to pass every time you see that. It's not like you know God knows the future so we told the prophets the future like soothsayers looking at a crystal ball. This logos is what's coming to these prophets, it's a reality that's already been set in motion, and they're getting that vision in their mind an image of the Messiah, and so the son is being foretold. Finally we kind of come down to the life of Jesus. God's human son

If you look at the image, that box represents Jesus from his birth to his death. The word becomes flesh, the word that God conceived the logos. God conceived the logos before creation, the logos that God spoke to create all things, the logos that came to the prophets. The logos that came to Abraham the logos is now becoming flesh, there's no such thing you know as this big distinction, O there's the written word, then there's the word by which God created, and then there's Jesus the word. It's all the same except for perhaps the distinction that you know, when the prophets wrote these things down it was more of a reflection of the word that they received like when you see a reflection in the mirror. It's not really you it's a reflection of you. When we read the words of the prophets it's not really truly the word of God which came to them, what I mean by that it's a reflection of it. They're giving you the picture that they got in the best way that they could by writing it down. The word which came to them the prophets was in the spirit, so you know we call it the word of the Lord or the word of God in the old testament.

But there's that subtle distinction there, so now the logos that God had conceived before the foundation of the world and this is now unfolding through Abraham and the promise to David, the twelve tribes and through Israel. Its unfolding and when Gabriel comes to Mary it really starts to unfold before our human eyes. The mystery is starting to be revealed and it'll be fully revealed when Jesus rises from the dead. It'll be totally revealed when God sets him down at His right hand. The word became flesh, I don't think it's just referring to Luke 1:35 Jesus birth, and I don't think it works with the rest of John's Gospel, it definitely includes that, you know when John says he came by water, but not by water only but by water and blood. Luke 1:35 is the blood part the water part is Jesus baptism at the Jordan. So he was born of blood, born of water. If you looked through John 3 it's all over the place about being born from above. Jesus is born from above. And that what we're seeing is the unfolding of the son being born from above. What happened was the Spirit came down from above hovered over Mary and caused baby Jesus to be born. That's one way that this logos that was conceived before the foundation of the world, the conception of God's Son came to pass. But there was more to it, God didn't just have this conception that his son would get born and then go off and do whatever he likes. God's logos included everything Jesus would do including being the Lamb crucified on a cross Revelation 13:8. Jesus had to fulfill all that and he had to obey, his food was to do his Father's will and finish His work. His Father's will basically was this, son this is what I want you to be and that was revealed to Jesus in the spirit at the Jordan. Son this is what I want you to be, this is what I can see for you from the foundation of the world, when I said let there be light. I had you in mind and this is what and I had all these things for you in mind, you're going to a cross in Jerusalem to die. This is what kind of King you are going to be, you are not going to be a tyrant king that rules over his people. You're gonna be a loving king who will die for all his people, who will give up his own life.

Jesus set out to fulfill that, he had to be obedient to it in Gethsemane. He was like, let this cup pass Father, he didn't want to do it, but then he finally said not my will Father but yours, and he obeyed his Father perfectly. No guile was found in his mouth, no sin, and God accomplished His work through His Son Jesus. As Jesus said the Father abiding in me does the work, this was God the Father's work and it was all done through the spirit. The power of the Spirit communicating that logos that word of God to Jesus. Another thing you'll see is John 6:38 in the above image, I came down from heaven, what does Jesus mean by that? A self-conscious person you know floated down out of heaven into the womb of Mary and yet Matthew and Luke forget to mention it. Just think about that. No that's not what it's about Jesus speaking of himself, he is that preconceived son coming to him in the spirit. That's what he's talking about. When he's speaking about the bread of life to these Jews, three times he says my Father is giving you, it's a present active tense, it's happening right now as Jesus is speaking. This bread of life descending out of heaven. The language is, it's happening right now, that's because Jesus is in the spirit now heaven is open to him, and these things are being revealed to Jesus as he's speaking to them. They're receiving this word of God, that's why he says in the same context they will all be taught by God. He's receiving this from the Father, my words are not my own, but His who sent me.

Jesus embodies the logos, he's the embodiment of the logos, the word that God had conceived before the foundation of the world which became flesh. Not just in existence and in a manger in Bethlehem but and everything he did, because you have to think of it this way, with the prophets, the prophets said well you know I had this vision that you know, this Messiah was coming who do great signs and wonders, and I saw his glory doing these signs and wonders. That's what Isaiah saw and okay that's got to be fulfilled that word that Isaiah received, it has to become flesh. It has to be fulfilled it has to become a reality. That's what this language the word becomes flesh means. That's the way I see it anyway I don't see how you could make it work any other way, because when you come to John 6 nothing's gonna make sense because he says his flesh is that true food. We know the food the bread of life is the word of God, and that's why he's speaking as he is, and that is presently coming down out of heaven. The word is becoming flesh in that manner and it's total and complete in John 19:30 when Jesus said it is finished. John 4:34 he says my food is to do the will of my Father and to finish His work. John 4:31-34 to do the will of Him who sent me and finish His work, he finished it on the cross. Immediately after he breathed his last or just before he said it is finished, he finished his Father's work.

What God had conceived before the foundation of the world, the lamb had been slain, was done, and that's why John talks that way, the lamb who had been slain, that finished work from the Father's perspective and Jesus is fully that logos. You know in that moment of his death, he says it is finished he completely become God's logos in every respect. There's a couple other little things I want to show you really quickly here, John 17:5 and Eph 1:9-10; 3:9-11 that's kind of another thing that sort of just dovetails into this, which has more to do with Jesus glorification and resurrection. Matthew 25:34 the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. This is same kind of ideas John mentioned, God's logos, what God had planned, all Jesus was expected to do was to die on that cross and then his Father just did the rest by raising him from the dead sitting him down at His right hand. I want to show you this parallel thing at John 1:1 “in the beginning” and “in the beginning” the Genesis beginning, and in the beginning of the good news, see Mark 1:1. We have the beginning of creation, the beginning of the good news, the logos conceived in God at the beginning of creation. The logos manifested in creation at the beginning of the good news, each of them is in the beginning. You have the spirit over the water in Genesis 1:2. John's baptism in water, Jesus receiving the baptism through John's baptism. John is led by the spirit okay so it's the very same sort of analogical idea as Genesis 1:2.

John is led in the spirit by God sent from God to do all this stuff at the Jordan River in the spirit, he's Two beginnings

being you know carried along in the spirit to do what he's doing at the water at the Jordan. So you see that parallel, there's the Genesis 1:3 “the light” and the light that is talked about in John chapter 1 the light the true light is coming into the world, the light is going to shine in the darkness and that's at John 1:5 to. You're supposed to see it was conceived by God, and the Genesis creation it's being fulfilled now at the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ when John baptize Jesus. The light was coming into the world the light that shines from the darkness John 1:5. Here's some stuff I find very interesting in Genesis. God said let there be light, there was evening there was morning the first day, and what is Jesus called “the bright morning star” the light of the world, we have light on day 1of Genesis. Jesus is called the day star or the dawn in the New Testament the light was good, Jesus was righteous, the light shined in the darkness, and the New Testament talks about Christ shining upon us. Let there be light Genesis 1:3 But for you who fear my name the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, it's an allusion to the Messiah. Because of the tender mercy of our God, with which the Sun Rise from on high or the dawn from on high will visit us, to shine upon those who sit in darkness in the shadow of death. Luke 1:78-79 referring to Jesus a direct allusion to Genesis light shining in the darkness. We have the prophetic word made more sure to which you do well to pay attention to. A lamp shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts, Christ. 2 Peter 1:19 I am the root and descendant of David or the seed of David, the bright morning star, there was evening there was morning the first day. He's the bright morning star. For God who said light shall shine in darkness as the one who has shown in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

2 Corinthians 4:6 awake O sleeper and arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you the light shines in the darkness. And God said “let there be light” and there was light, God saw that the light was good and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light, day and the darkness he called night. And there was evening and there was morning, day 1 or the first day Genesis 1:3-6. Christ the Son of God the lamb who had been slain from the foundation of the world, he's that light, it's not a self-conscious person that light. Remember God the Father is light first John 1:5, He's expressing himself out His light, God is light. Genesis 1:3, he speaks that, His logos an expression of Himself. What was Jesus? the light of the world. So we have what was conceived in God, and then spoken, and then what was manifested in creation. When Jesus was born and baptized his ministry is death, God is light and he shined His logos or His word into the darkness, the conception of His son into creation, His chosen one predestined to be born in Judea, and die on a cross in Jerusalem. That light shining at Genesis 1:3 is the Father's logos of His Christ, the Son of God, the Lamb who had being slain from the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ is the meaning of everything and that's what these apostles are ultimately driving at. Everything is summed up in God's Son Jesus Christ, everything not just metaphorically politically it's literally true. And so that's my picture of John's logos and the framework. God conceives His word before creation and that conception is His son, my son the Messiah will be crucified on a cross He utters that when he creates all things. He sets the times and seasons by His authority and that word that logos becomes manifested or appears in creation in our time in space, at the time and season God is fixed by His own authority. There's no preexistence divine being hanging out with God in eternity nor was eternally begotten whatever that's supposed to mean, that's just all bunk. So I hope that was helpful to some of you thank you for listening and God bless you.

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