36 Proofs From The New Testament Jesus Is Not God.

Peter Porter
The biblical Israelites had a unique conception of God they believed that there was only one God and that He was without form. Their religion was one in which it was forbidden to anthropomorphize God. Christianity has its roots in the monotheistic religion of the Israelites yet in spite of the Old Testaments unequivocal teaching that God is one and not a man or a son of man. Christians have asserted that the God of the Israelites is a trinity and that Jesus the son of Mary is the second person of that trinity. Others have claimed that Jesus is actually the Old Testament God in human form in all their history. The Jews have never understood God as being triune the very idea of God taking on human form is completely alien to their religion yet there are Christians who assert that these ideas are founded on the Jewish Scriptures.

The Christian idea that God incarnated into Jesus of Nazareth is far removed from the strict monotheism of the Old Testament. It is an erroneous doctrine in its stance contrary to what the Bible plainly teaches concerning Jesus. This will be demonstrated through numerous proofs from the New Testament.
Proof number 1: Jesus had a genealogy Jesus genealogy is written about in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Jesus being the Messiah was also called the son of David. We read this in Matt 9:27 and again in Matt 21:9. Paul also calls Jesus as a descendant of David in Rom 1:3 The eternal God simply does not have a lineage or human ancestry it would be absurd to think a descendant of David is God or vice-versa.
Proof number 2: Jesus had a mother. The Bible makes it clear in numerous passages that a woman Mary is the mother of Jesus for example Matt 2:11-13,14. In Acts 1:14 as obvious as it may sound the mother-son relationship between Mary and Jesus is by far one of the most potent arguments against Jesus godhood. If Christians insist Jesus was God then it logically follows that they must accept Mary as the mother of God. The truth is that Mary did not give birth to anything other than a mortal human being.
Proof number 3: Jesus was likened to Adam in Rom 5:15 Paul likens Jesus to Adam the first man by writing quote “for if the many died by the trespass of the one man how much more did God's grace and a gift that came by the grace of the one man Jesus Christ”. Obviously the man in the first part of the verse refers to Adam whose sin supposedly caused death to enter the world and later in 1 Cor 15:45 Paul calls Jesus the last Adam. If Jesus was God why would Paul liken God the Son to Adam a being that God created?
Proof number 4: Jesus ate and drank in Matt 11:19 Jesus says he came eating and drinking how can a man who ate and drank be God, does God eat and drink?
Proof number 5: Jesus felt hunger and thirst, Jesus felt hungry we read this in Matt 4:2 and later in Mark 11:2 in John 19:28 we read that Jesus while on the cross felt thirsty God obviously does not feel hungry or thirsty. God has no needs and since Jesus felt hunger and thirst He was a human like us. He could not have been God.
Proof number 6: Jesus called himself a man in John 8:40. Jesus himself states he is a man who speaks what he hears from God, no different from previous prophets. The trinitarian claim that Jesus was fully
God and fully man has no foundation in the Bible.
Proof number 7: Jesus was seen as a prophet in Matt 21:46. Jesus was seen as a human prophet the
Israelites always understood prophets as mortal human messengers of God who were not in any way divine.
Proof number 8: Jesus was a human mediator 1Tim 2:5 makes it clear that there is one God and Jesus is only a man who mediates between God and mankind.
Proof number 9: Jesus was a man with god-given authority in Matt 9:8 we read that Jesus was a man whose authority and power came from God. Jesus reiterates the same point in many other passages.
Proof number 10: Jesus was accredited and appointed by God in Acts 2:22 we read Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God. Later in Acts 17:31 Jesus is said to be a man who was appointed by God. In the past God accredited and appointed many prophets to carry out various tasks that does not make the prophets divine. The same applies to Jesus he was not God himself but rather an agent of God.
Proof number 11: Jesus is called a son of man in Mark 8:31, Mark 2:10, Matt 9:6 and Luke 5:24 Jesus is called the Son of Man which was a phrase applied to humans in the Old Testament. Why would God ever be a son of man? God in the Old Testament categorically denies being a man or a son of man there is no question of a son of man being God Num 23:19.
Proof number 12: Jesus was subordinate to God. We see this in Rom 15:6, 2 Cor 11:31, Eph 1:3,17 Eph 3:14 and Col 13:3. The New Testament routinely states that God and Jesus are separate persons and that God is also the God of Jesus. This refutes the notion that Jesus is God or in any way co-equal with God. In 1 Cor 11:3 Paul teaches that God is superior to Christ how then can people insist that Jesus is himself God.
Proof number 13: Jesus taught to worship and pray to God in several instances. Jesus directed all worship only to God who he called the Father and not to himself. In Matt 4:10 Jesus rebukes Satan by saying worship the Lord your God and serve him only, then in Matt 6:6 Jesus instructs his followers to pray to the Father not the son or the Holy Spirit. Then in Joh 4:23 Jesus says the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. Very clearly Jesus never demanded worship for himself instead his message was to worship the Father
Proof number 14: Jesus submitted to God's will in Matt 26:39 Jesus prayed to God and ends by saying
“yet not as I will but as you will.” Heb 5:7 also highlights Jesus submission to God. God is sovereign and submits to nobody Jesus on the other hand submits to the will of God which demonstrates that Jesus was subordinate to God and therefore could not have been God in any way or form.
Proof number 15: Jesus emphasized doing the will of God and not his own this is made clear in John 4:34, Matt 7:21 and John 6:28. Jesus found it important to do the will of God and taught the same to others.
Proof number 16: Jesus said God is greater than him, we read this in John 14:28 where he declares and quote “the Father is greater than I” this notion is repeated in John 10:29. We see here that there is nobody greater than God and Jesus who plainly states that the Father is greater than him and he was not God.
Proof number 17: Jesus was circumcised according to the law in Luke 2:21 Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day like any other Israelite child. As per Israelite law Jesus kept the sign of the physical covenant God made with Abraham.
Proof number 18: Jesus was presented to God according to the law, again like any other Israelite firstborn Jesus was presented to God in the temple we read this in Luke 2:22. Mary and Joseph were simply keeping the commands that God gave to the Israelites.
Proof number 19: Jesus affirmed the Shema in Mark 12:29, Jesus affirmed the Shema which is the Israelite statement of faith in one God. Jesus who was an Israelite himself said that the Shema is the most important of all commandments. Jesus did not attempt to modify it so as to accommodate a trinity or his own supposed godhood. How then do trinitarian see the trinity and Jesus godhood in the Shema?
Proof number 20: Jesus identified as a Jew in John 4:22 when speaking to the Samaritan woman Jesus said quote we worship what we do know in saying we he identifies himself as part of the monotheistic Jewish community. Jesus did not claim godhood.
Proof number 21: Jesus himself had a God in John 20:17 Jesus says to the people I ascend to my Father and your Father and my God and your God. Jesus once again reiterates that he himself has a God he did not lay claim to godhood. Again this proves Jesus was part of a community that worshiped God and was thus not God himself.
Proof number 22: Jesus sits at the right hand of God. The notion that Jesus would sit at the right hand of God appears in numerous passages throughout the New Testament for example Mark 16:19, Luke 22:69, Mark 14:62, Matt 26:64 and many others. If Jesus was indeed God why do we have so many verses mentioning that he would sit at the right hand of God? This clearly proves that Jesus was separate from God, he is another person.
Proof number 23: Jesus had to learn, does God have to learn obedience or anything else for that matter yet in Heb 5:9 we read that Jesus had to do just that if this is so then Jesus simply could not have been God.
Proof number 24: Jesus had to be made perfect again in Heb 5:9 we read that Jesus was quote “made perfect” if Jesus was indeed God shouldn't he by nature be perfect?
Proof number 25: Jesus is lesser than a third person of the trinity. Jesus tells us in Matt 12:32 that speaking against him is forgivable but speaking against the holy spirit is not, this proves that the trinity is made of three separate persons. It also refutes the convoluted claims about the so called trinity being
the same one God of the Old Testament, there is very clearly a hierarchy within the so-called trinity and Jesus is not at the top.
Proof number 26: Jesus felt forsaken in Matt 27:46. Jesus while nailed to the cross cries out “my God my God why have you forsaken me” it makes no sense to think that Jesus was God when he cried out to his God about being forsaken. What happen to the so called God the son, did he jump out of Jesus just before the cross. Who was resurrected after three days? After resurrection did God the son jump back in Jesus, because the fleshly body of Jesus was not in the grave anymore.
Proof number 27: Jesus was made lower than the angels Heb 2:9 tells us that Jesus was made lower than the angels for a little while, how could God who created the angels in the first place be lower than the Angels even if for a little while? What is the purpose of that?
Proof number 28: Jesus doesn't get to decide things in Matt 20:22-23 concerning the matter of who gets to sit next to Jesus in heaven Jesus says quote “to sit at my right or left is not for me to grant these places, belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my Father” If Jesus was God how is it that he doesn't get to decide who sits to his left and right. Jesus also states that only the Father decides the places to Jesus right and left.
Proof number 29: Jesus glory, authority and honor was not his own in Matt 28:18 Jesus says following
his resurrection that all authority in heaven and earth has been given to him, if Jesus was God he would have already possessed authority in heaven and earth, and it wouldn't have had to be given to him this notion is also mentioned in 2 Peter 1:17, Phil 2:9, Acts 3:13, John 8:54 and Acts 10:38. God's Authority honor power and glory is His own and was not given to him by anybody. God by nature is exalted and is the sole possessor of glory honor and power. Jesus had to be given those by God and was therefore not God.
Proof number 30: Jesus was not all-knowing in Matt 24:36 Jesus states that nobody not even himself knows the day or hour but only the Father knows it in Matt 24:36 Jesus had to look around to see who
touched His garment. Clearly Jesus knowledge was limited and thus could not have been God.
Proof number 31: Jesus was raised by God. We read in many places that Jesus was raised by God for example Rom 8:11, Heb 13:20, 1 Cor 6:4 and many others. The fact that Jesus had to be raised by someone other than him proves that Jesus was not God. That is if God can even die in the first place.
Proof number 32: Jesus could do nothing of his own. Jesus says in John 5:19 the son can do nothing by himself and later in John 5:30 he says by myself I can do nothing once again in John 8:28 Jesus says he does nothing on his own. Jesus makes it clear that he does nothing of his own and that he only does as he is told. This proves that Jesus was not the almighty sovereign God at all but rather was an agent of God like the prophets.
Proof number 33: Jesus teaching and words were not his own. Jesus teachings and words are from God he says this in John 7:16, John 14:24. In John 12:49 Jesus is simply doing as he is told and thus was not God.
Proof number 34: Jesus questions being called good in Luke 18:19. Jesus questions being called good and says only God is good, how could Jesus have been God if he questioned being called good?
Proof number 35: Jesus was tempted by the devil. We read about Jesus temptation in Matt 4:1, Luke 4:2 in Heb 4:5. It's beyond absurd to think satan would ever dare to tempt God. The New Testament itself makes it clear that God cannot be tempted.
Proof number 36: Jesus was not considered God by his own followers according to 1 John 4:12 quote “no one has ever seen God” this passage requires special attention as it was written after Jesus death and resurrection. If Jesus disciples knew Jesus as God why does John echo the Old Testament idea that no man has seen God, was not Jesus whom he saw every day God to him. Clearly Jesus was not seen as God even by his own disciples thus we see that the New Testament is rather consistent in its portrayal of Jesus as a man not as God or as part of a divine trinity. Granted there are a number of passages that trinitarian Christians will continue to cite as proofs that God is a trinity and that Jesus is God the Son. However the multitude of passages that unmistakably present Jesus as the human son of Mary living and submission to God must be given proceedings over any vague proof texts that are cited in support of the trinity and Jesus godhood. The Old Testament is foundational to the Christian faith therefore the New Testament must be studied in light of its predecessor and not the other way round. The New Testament cannot be interpreted in a way that violates the Old Testament idea of the monotheistic nature of God. When this is sincerely done Jesus is seen as a human who had submitted to God in all he did in words deeds and worship. Wish the trinitarians would do that. Jesus was a man a very special man but a man nonetheless. The Christens worship an idol which they call trinity god, and that puts them on danger ground with Father Yahweh. God bless you.

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