When we read my introduction, In the beginning was the word of Yahweh our Elohim He was represented by the word he uttered, and that word went before him into all the world and in another beginning was the Messiah the unique agent of the Almighty God. With the Messiah came his disciples and apostles they were believers. The Word of God was with them and in their mouths it went with them wherever they went but they were unorthodox, the Word of God was unorthodox. Christ died and the word was scattered to the winds as it were. Congregation sprung up here and there and they're all preaching the message delivered to the Saints by the Messiah and his one true God. But they were still unorthodox and a message they preached was unorthodox. Trouble was brewing on the horizon and it was not long in arriving. Then certain men crept in unawares these men gain control of the unorthodox message by stealth, wealth, state collusion, in force of arms.

They corrupted the message and made this corruption into an Orthodox religious doctrine. They maintained this new doctrine by force and by intimidation. Some Orthodox men rejected the new Orthodox doctrine but they were overwhelmed by the influence the wealth, the state and by the very numbers of supporters in the our Orthodox camp. They were defeated some were murdered and had their books and writings burned, others were run out of town. Some few lived to fight another day. In spite of all the turmoil and the hatred heaped upon those who dared preach and on an unorthodox message. The unorthodox message they preached did not die it lived on in the hearts of emboldened men and women called by God, it did not go away. This message is unorthodox as it is today and it can still be read in the Bible and heard spoken in some quarters. It is a reasoned message of truth hope and understanding. Bold men and women called, drawn converted by the Father in heaven are teaching this same message of the one true God around the world today. This message glorifies Yahweh, the unorthodox message is  is of the one true God Yahweh the Lord God of all and His son the Lord Messiah. As the power of the current Orthodox doctrine once forcibly set in place by ungodly men now supported by blind leaders of the blind, is weakening in losing power.

Who are these people how do we get to this point in history where are we now? Come listen and read, this is a fascinating historical discovery and wonderful story. Come take this journey with us and believe in the one true God of Jesus the Lord Messiah you will not regret it.

Prior to the fifth century AD Orthodox Christianity as we might envision it did not exist, it wasn't there, it was not until the fourth or fifth century some 300 years after the death and resurrection of the Messiah that some semblance of the christology orthodoxy began to take shape. That's in the early church and the period of disputations and polemics from the first century leading up to the accepted orthodox model. The beginning with the council of Nicaea in 325 winding up around 40 to 1 AD at the council of Chalcedon were those openly advocating contrary views, were decisively deposed defeated or destroyed has been termed primitive Orthodox and compared that with modern orthodoxy or ancient Orthodox. Orthodoxy is a strange word, I have a riddle for you, let me read this, this comes from the book called heresies by Harold OJ Brown page 20, It is a simple and undeniable historical fact that several major doctrines that now seem central to the Christian faith such as the doctrine of the Trinity and the doctrine of the deity of Christ, were not present in a full and well-defined generally accepted form until the fourth or fifth centuries.

If they are essential today as all the Orthodox creeds and confessions assert, it must be because they are true, if they are true then they must always have been true they cannot have just become true in the fourth or fifth century. Well that makes sense to me, but if they are both true and essential how can it be said that the early church took centuries to formulate them? The answer or at least the best attempt at an answer lies of course in the assertion, that they were implicit in Christian faith from the beginning even though they did not become explicit until considerably later. I have a question on this, it was something that bothers me here. If these two essential doctrines, now these are essential doctrines to Christology today, and they were apparently essential doctrines back then. We're talking about the first few centuries of  Christianity, if they are essential the Trinity and the deity of Christ, if this were so essential and implicit, why did it take the Roman bishops so long to discover the essential character of these doctrines or even to discover the doctrines for that matter? Why, could it be that the apostles were woefully ignorant while the Roman bishops were wonderfully brilliant? They found his stuff but this poor deluded apostles had no idea.

My desire in this brief writing is to investigate orthodoxy in its various forms from primitive orthodoxy to the present day or modern forms, and compare these forms with what we may be familiar with especially from our previous affiliations, in thereby suggest certain conclusions. This is not an exhaustive study simply because not only is the study itself exhausting there is so much to study. There is just so much out there to study, but there's no way in the world that any one person could put it all together. In this study I will express my opinion regarding what I refer to as the tyranny of the Orthodox minority. That is I will point out that small groups can be just as tyrannical and their adopted orthodoxy as any other given group of religious practitioners.

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HYPERLINK "http://covenanthouseone.org/theological-conferences/2003/part-1-the-tyranny-of-christological-orthodoxy" http://covenanthouseone.org/theological-conferences/2003/part-1-the-tyranny-of-christological
I am not God

by  F. Paul Haney

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