The Trinity's Evil Purposes

Peter Porter
Hello everyone in this video (below)I'd like to just share with you three things, three main things about the trinity which I found to be heinous consequences of believing in this doctrine. And how I began to see how it's really an evil strategy this whole deception is an evil strategy concocted by the father of lies. And the main objective of this lie is to defeat you and so I want to talk about that here with you in this video. It wasn't long into my research into this doctrine that I began to challenge it, that would be about eight years ago roughly. I began to see something, I began to see how the antichrist doctrine that John talks about in his first letter was pretty much the same thing as the doctrine of the trinity. The doctrine of the trinity was just kind of a reworking of the same thing with the same result the same consequence the same conclusion more or less.

In John's letter trinitarians kind of like to think that John was just pointing out that these guys these antichrist teachers, false prophets and deceivers we're teaching that. They didn't really believe Jesus was a man, okay that's bunk that wasn't the problem and the reason they read it that way is because of the way it's worded in 1 John 4:3 “Jesus Christ come in the flesh” And so they go oh well we believe Jesus Christ was a man we believe Jesus Christ came in the flesh. There's atheists who believe Jesus was a man. If you read through the letter more carefully than that you'll see that the problem wasn't that they didn't believe Jesus wasn't man, they didn't believe the man Jesus, that, that man was the Christ, they didn't believe the man was the son of God. For these Antichrist teachers the Christ was one, and the man Jesus was another. The divine being was one and the man Jesus was another.

Starting to sound familiar, Irenaeus at about 180Ad, he was reportedly a disciple of John who wrote this letter and he indicates, I'm not sure I think he might not be the only one but, he indicates that John wrote this letter and John wrote this gospel for the same reason to combat these false teachers. And there's a lot of theologians who agree with this that the letter was kind of like a cover letter for his gospel. His gospel sort of just explains the whole story in a way that combats these false teachers. His letter is just a letter that refers, you know, addresses people directly, whereas his gospel, it's just kind of a general account of who Jesus is. And if you read John's Gospel carefully you'll see things that the Gnostics wouldn't like “the word became flesh” John says “I write these things that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ” Jesus is the Son of God in other words the man. John 6 we see the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world is my flesh, See that's all to combat this Gnostic problem that John is dealing with.

And it's believed to be the Nicolaitans that Jesus mentions in the book of Revelation and one of the other or perhaps both. They had this idea that the Christ was a divine being that descended down out of heaven upon the man Jesus at his baptism and the Christ was one, the divine being was one, and the man Jesus was another. Okay and at the point of death the very point of death the dying part not the dead part but the dying part before Jesus is dead just that point right there the divine being separates from the man Jesus. And the divine being remains alive leaving the dying man Jesus behind dead on the cross. That's what these Gnostics believed. This is a starting to sound familiar, let's just change the word Christ to God the son because that's what they called the Divine Being descent from heaven they call it the Christ. Trinitarians call this divine being who descended from heaven God the son.

Now instead of the divine being descending on human flesh at the baptism at the Jordan, let's just say the divine being descends on human flesh into Mary's womb. You just kind of changed the time frame so now you just have a very slight modification and at the point of death you have God the son separated from the man Jesus and leaving the man Jesus hanging dead on the cross. Well God the son remains alive, God the son is one, Jesus the man is another, same thing same life because God can't die and in trinitarian doctrine it's affirm God can't be dead. God the son can't be dead you know. if you read through Irenaeus writings he said you know these Gnostics they said the word the “Logos” it is impossible, the “word” can't be dead that's what the Gnostics were saying. Irenaeus in his argument against these guys saying, man these guys are bunch of liars. Guess what happens at the Council in the fifth century, they affirmed that the “word” cannot be dead, they affirmed what Irenaeus say that these Gnostics were teaching.

John is saying, he's talking about these guys who believe that the Christ was one, Jesus the man is another and John said, no Jesus is the Christ, the man is the Christ, he came not only by water baptism but by blood. He was born the Christ, John said he was born the Christ, came by flesh and blood. The Gnostics wanted to deny this. If you think about the trinitarian doctrine, the word didn't really become flesh the second person of the trinity didn't become flesh, just added flesh to his person kind of carried along until the point of death on the cross and then he took off. Again God the son took off and left Jesus the man behind dead on the cross. (The question is who was resurrected, was that the man Jesus or Christ or both? Must be both because his body is not in the grave anymore. What is the purpose of the man Jesus to be resurrected again? )That's exactly what trinitarians believe, that's what these Gnostics believed all they've done is they changed the labels you know. The Gnostics used to label the Christ for this divine being. Trinitarians used to label God the son. You see that it doesn't matter how you define death you can play that game all you like. The question is about who was dead if the second person of the trinity wasn't dead? who was? Someone else, you can't say someone else can you, because you know there's only one person in you. Best of all is no apostle or disciple has ever try to explain this confusion, because it does not exist in the bible.

So God the Son wasn't dead who was, was Jesus dead? trinitarians will affirm yes, but when you asked them, if God the son was dead? they'll say no, how crazy, you only got one person in view. Think about it, think carefully about this they wanted to believe these Gnostics because they were Gnostic. That the divine didn't die, who died for your sins did anyone die for your sins? You see where this goes. Was a person dead for your sins? because in the trinitarian doctrine God the Son was not dead. Another was dead Jesus the man, According to this Gnostic doctrine the Christ the Divine Being was not dead, the man was dead. So in fact the man Jesus must get all the honor for dying for his fellow brethren and not the so-called God the Son. The Logos only appeared to die and be dead for the Gnostics. That's exactly what they affirmed these trinitarians at the council in the fifth century. same thing read up. Heinous that goes back to the lie of the garden. You will not really die, you won't really be dead, serpents lie. Think it through carefully that's the first thing they saw.

There's a lot more we could say about that, a second thing I began to see a little bit later was is how this doctrine of the trinity disassociates people from Jesus, where we were to identify with Jesus is it disassociate us from Jesus. It thereby blinds us and robs us from our victory in Jesus Christ and the way that works is that hearing trinitarian doctrine over and over and over again Jesus humanity just kind of becomes an incidental thing. Every good think that Jesus ever did was because Jesus was God, everything you always attribute this to any good thing he did even the atonement Jesus is God. In fact trinitarians will say it would only work because Jesus is God. Now all these kind of things they say and the fact that Jesus was human just kind of becomes incidental well he had to become human because we are but anything that he accomplished anything good that he accomplished is always attributed to his divine nature. You know if it's always attributed to Jesus as God except the fact that he was dead that's the only one probably one of the most important ones, the thing that He saved us from our sins the fact that he was dead. Jesus Christ the man and not God the son.

And so it disassociates you because we know that we're not God capital G God right, but if Jesus is capital G God and the reason Jesus did all these things is because he was God we're disassociated from thinking we ought to walk and can walk as Jesus. Of course you can't, Jesus is God and you're not. So all you can really do is kind of give lip service to following Jesus right. Everything Jesus did and every good thing he did is because he was God he's humanity's just incidental. You're not God so you can only really give lip service to walking as Jesus walked because you're not god. And so it robs you from you know identifying yourself to Christ. The truth is Jesus died and rose again the only begotten Son died and rose again so that you and me could be begotten and become children of God, so that Jesus no longer is the only begotten Son. God sent His only begotten so he would have many begotten sons and daughters of God because that's what it means to be born again and/or to be begotten again. It's the same word in Greek exactly. Have you ever notice in the translations whenever is talking about Jesus they translate “begot”, whenever it's kind of talking about Jesus humanity clearly or when it's talking about you and me it is translated as “born” same Greek word. This is to get you all conditioned to think like a trinitarian but he was begotten by God, believers are begotten by God.

God is their own Father truly why, because He begot them. True believers are begotten of God by the Spirit of God not only that you know Jesus was born of a virgin mother symbolizes purity. It's the same for you and me. You're saying how could we be born of a virgin? born a virgin flesh, because what happened before you were born again? You've died with Jesus Christ and when you died with Jesus Christ your sins were washed away and you were made as white as snow like a pure white virgin bride like Mary so the Christ might be formed in you. When you are begotten of God your sins are washed away and it pertains to the cross being born again, begotten again of God from above pertains to Jesus resurrection life, we are born anew into a new life his resurrection life. But before that can happen we have to have our sins washed away. The cross came first then the resurrection, we died with Christ first then we are born again next. It was just like Christ, look what he did for us, look what this man accomplished for us you see how you're supposed to identify with Jesus and walk as he walked.

Jesus even says unless you pick up your cross and follow after me you simply cannot be my disciple, forget it, just forget it, do you really believe that? did he give that lip service because if you don't pick up your cross and walk as he walked and suffer as he suffered yielding up your living bodies as living sacrifices to God like he did you can't be his disciple. Do you really believe it because that's what the scriptures say. That's what Jesus says, and why can't you do it? those who are led by the Spirit of God these are sons of God born again children of God. God is our true Father our own Father we were born again. We're born of natural parents first we died to that life, we were born again into a new life. And who is our Father in our second life, the dad you go see on Christmas, no, it's God the Father in heaven that's your true Father. If you're born anew and once that occurs you are expected to walk as Jesus walked not because you're God but because you're a son of God just like he was a son of God Those were led by the Spirit of God these are sons of God. Jesus was led by the Spirit of the Living God. If Jesus was the God the son how can we as humans walk after him?

The trinity blind you and rob you of seeing any of this, you don't just give lips service to walking as Jesus walked because trinitarian believers attribute every good thing he did to the fact that he was God and his humanity was just kind of an incidental thing. It seems that Jesus was not willing to go to the cross a couple of times, everything about his humanity is negative, everything about this alleged divinity is positive. You and I don't have to walk as Jesus walk, right see that blinds you, and finally when you see the truth, you see how the doctrine of the trinity totally dishonors Jesus and his God. In the trinitarian mind, well we (trinitarians) have a high view of Jesus we believe Jesus is God we have a high view of Jesus as we honor Jesus we elevate him. No you can't elevate Jesus only God the Father can elevate Jesus. God the Father is the one who made him Lord, who do you think you are? you can't make Jesus whatever you want. Jesus is what he is and God and his Son expect us to believe the truth not whatever you think is a great idea. The doctrine of the trinity totally dishonors Jesus because it robs that man of any respect for what he accomplished for us.

It was a man who accomplished all that, a man not God, a man and when you start saying o he only did that because he was God. Well basically what you're saying is, it was no big deal for Jesus he know when he was up in heaven, he knew he was gonna come down here and die and he knew he was gonna take off again it's not really a big deal, it's just kind of like going to the dentist hurts a little bit. The whole thing was just a big deal right. But if he's just a man, if a man did that, what an accomplishment right. Wow he didn't sin, he healed people, he didn't sin if they accused him when he was innocent. He didn't even try to justify himself at his trial. He was innocent he went to the cross even though he was innocent. He's being crucified for you, a man. Think about how you dishonor this man the doctrine of trinity what he has accomplished. Think about how you dishonor his God. According to the doctrine of the trinity, God can raise up a man to do that, do you really think God don't have that much power to raise up a man to rule the universe, a man is going to judge all mankind. God has appointed a man to judge the world.

The scriptures say so, a man is running the universe, a man is sitting on God's throne next to Him, the scriptures say so. Think about that how did Jesus accomplish these things. Jesus expects you to do what he did, he denied himself and was totally submitted to his God and Father. That's what he did, he didn't try to get anything out of himself in fact he denied himself. He said know my works, it is not mine, they are the Father's. My words they're not even my own, they're the Father's. I come in my Father's name, it's the Father in me who does the works. I just kind of serve. See how he did it, it was a man, there was a man who accomplished all that for you and me. Think about how the doctrine of the trinity dishonor him, for what he this man has accomplished. Think about how it dishonors his Father the God of our Lord Jesus Christ. What He has accomplished by raising up a human Messiah by raising up Jesus from the dead and sitting him on a throne to rule the universe even He has power over the Angels. Why do you think you and me are gonna judge the Angels? The only way we can do that is if we have a position above the Angels and you know how we're gonna get that because there is a man above the Angels and we're seated with him on his throne.

If we're obedient, Jesus promised us that we will reign with him and sit down with him on his Father's throne if we're faithful. Look what God did with a mortal man, look at how your dishonoring God. It's your doctrine of the trinity. It is not a big deal God, you know, God the Father the first hypostasis send the second hypothesis down, did a few party tricks and off he went back to heaven right, wasn't hard at all. Because nothing is impossible for God nothing's too hard for God. But you are dishonoring God and His Son, we suppose to honor Jesus and the one who sent Jesus. The Father has made a man ruler of the universe, scriptures say so. God made him Lord this Jesus whom you crucified, that's a man. The doctrine of the trinity robs this man disrespectfully from everything that he accomplished for you and me, and his love for you and me. The doctrine of trinity is Antichrist, it's the same Antichrist doctrine in John's first letter, the wording is just a little bit different so that you don't quite catch it, same results. This doctrine is made by the devil which robbed you from your victory in Jesus Christ, by blinding you to the fact that a man did these things by submitting to his God and Father. You can be begotten of God and walk as Jesus walked, unless you pick up your cross and follow after him you cannot be his disciple, you cannot. God bless you.

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