Why You Should Reject the Trinity

Hello everyone, you know if you were a friend of mine and you came over to my house and we were at the kitchen table and you had your Bible and I had my Bible. And we had it open and we got a cup of coffee we were just studying the Bible together and trying to learn what it tells us and the doctrine of the trinity come up or the deity of Christ question. I would have to tell you something because you're my friend and I would have to tell you that I looked into these beliefs the doctrine of the trinity. And the associated beliefs that go along with it, and I found out they were false and you might say something to me like well, come on we've got this big pile of evidence for the doctrine of the trinity. If we go to these versus you know Isaiah 9:6 and John 20:28 and John 1:1 and John 8:58 second Peter 1:1 Hebrews 1:8 with all these verses we've got all this evidence, how could you possibly say that Jesus isn't God or the doctrine of the trinity isn't true. You might say something like that, and I would say, yeah I know I understand where you're coming from because that's what I used to think. I used to think exactly the same thing I used to think we had this big pile of evidence and there's just no way this could be false.

After all I mean our scholars teach us to write and I would say yeah I understand, but then I would tell you and I know it might even make you mad and angry. I would tell you, you know when I looked into this and I found out it's false, and then I would tell you my story you know. How I was raised as a Lutheran Evangelical in the Lutheran Church of Canada very much like the LCA but not like it is now. You know how the ELCA is become very liberal as a very conservative denomination. The congregation I grew up in was even more conservative than the denomination itself. I was raised in that church until you know I was confirmed. You know you got to go through confirmation before you can take communion in a Lutheran Church. I did that for two years when I was I think 12 and 13 and had my first communion just before I was 14 years old. Of course you learn about the doctrine of the trinity. My very first lesson on the doctrine of the trinity was from my mom in the church basement. I saw a picture on the wall and I thought it was probably a picture God, I thought you know that might be a picture of God. I asked my mom who is that? She said, that's Jesus, God's Son and she offered it like that. I said well where's the picture of God? and my mom responded, Jesus is God and I went back to coloring.

That was my first lesson and then right after that we started, right after I was confirmed, we started attending Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. That denomination which is a sister Church to Assemblies of God basically in Canada. You know they are trinitarians - I've never been in a non trinitarian church in my entire life at least not to my knowledge. I've never had a reason not to believe in the trinity, and I went to Bible College you know several years later. I just had an opportunity to do it, I thought I could get some questions answered there. I didn't get too many answers but of course it was a trinitarian school, evangelical type of school, a pretty good Bible College. There was really an excellent library, one of the better libraries in Canada as far as Bible colleges are concerned. Throughout most of my life I had attended you know evangelical churches. I moved around a lot so you know I was in different congregations, and I didn't always pick the same denomination. When I got into my 30s I really began to study the Bible a lot, and you know I studied various doctrines. One of the good things that helped me there was that I had many beliefs that I thought were slam dunk beliefs.

But when I studied it, when I studied the facts and laid them out I realized, oh I thought you know this was a slam dunk. I began to realize it was just the way that it was presented to me, it sounded really good the way it was presented to me. It sounded like it had to be right but when I checked the facts when I checked the scriptures, and when I thought about it and I you know I kind of had to reason some things out with various doctrines. I realized a lot of my beliefs weren't slam dunks like I thought they were. And then this time came where you know I was trying to work out something with the trinity. I already studied the Bible for over a decade you know probably about 15 years, pretty intensely like I spent a lot of time in the bible. You know I was trying to work something out and it had a lot to do with John 1:1 and Colossians 1:16. I was trying to figure out what is going on here, something wasn't adding up here. God created by his spoken word but then there was this other word a person so there were really two and I was trying to figure out how this worked and I read commentaries by others. I couldn't figure it out I could see that they didn't know either and people would resort to all kinds of mental gymnastics and explanations to try to explain this.

You know something is starting to bug me and you know this went on for a year or two and you know so finally I come to a point where I said I'm going to check out this doctrine of the trinity and when I did that I didn't think I was going to find this thing was false. This doctrine I just thought you know, maybe there's a tweak or here or there, maybe I'm just not seeing something right. So I started to check into it I never had any ulterior motives I just wanted to know the truth, I just wanted things to make sense. I've never been involved in any nontrinitarian groups or anything like that influencing me it just never happened. I started to look you know and one weekend I got a bunch of books together from the seminary, primary data with the Greek and all that. I'm not much for commentaries because commentaries, these guys you know they kind of blab a lot and I'm more for factual raw data. Give me that, that's what I want and so I collect it up, a bunch of books that would you know kind of give me that kind of information, and I listed a bunch of verses. I got the books that would help me out with those verses and just on that very first time I saw problems. The biggest problem I saw was with Hebrews chapter one, As I was reading, I'm thinking something is wrong here.

This doesn't sound like the writers trying to prove Jesus is God, this sounds like the exaltation of a man in this chapter and so that led to more and more digging, and after you know maybe about a year went by at first. I didn't talk about it you know because the subject is heavy, but as time went on I began to realize my problem was bigger and much bigger than I thought. I dug into it more intensely and after about a year went by I was really into it. I realized there's something really, really wrong here you know and right about then or just little after I started to get mad because I realized I had been lied to. All this evidence that I thought I had really, wasn't evidence at all. I started to realize that the corruption that was going on in the trinitarian world, with the trinitarian doctrine. You know there was hypocrisy and contradictions and translation trickery and manuscript corruptions. And our interpretations you know we kind of had to rip him out of context or give him a twist. Or we had to kind of disregard the facts that might be associated with our interpretations to make them work. That started to make me angry because I realize I've been lied to.

That was when I was just getting into it. I know ten times more about these lies than I did then and at that time I thought man this lie is big and it was ten times bigger than I thought back then. This lie is big it was ten times bigger than I thought then, it's huge and you know one of the things that helped me there was I had previously looked at some of my other doctrines. I thought they were slam dunks and realized you know I was wrong and that kind of helped me out here. Because I thought maybe this one's wrong too. As a trinitarian you're basically conditioned in your mind not to touch this doctor don't tinker with the trinity. You're also conditioned to only look for reasons to justify it even though a three-person God is never mentioned in the Bible. God is the main character of the Bible and mentioned thousands of times, but this three-person God seems to be kind of unmentioned, a little strange. I was only a year into looking into this, I thought man this lie is huge, I created my website at that point in time just you know, I was really just trying to keep track of information for myself at that time.

Since then you know I found ten times more lies than I even knew then. So if you were my friend and you were sitting around my kitchen table, I would be telling you this and you might be getting mad at me, but I'd have to tell you because you're my friend. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't tell you about these lies because you're my friend. I don't want you walking down a road of lies and I know you might get mad at me. I know you might not want to talk to me anymore. I know that, but you're my friend and I don't want you to believe a bunch of lies like I used to believe. I want you to see what I saw and I would tell you this. I would tell you look I can show you how most of these lies work if not all of them. If you only look it's not that hard, it's not rocket science and I would explain to you that yeah I understand completely how you think it's a slam dunk. You have all this evidence but you know that's the way lies work. If lies didn't look right no one would ever tell them would they, that's the point of lies. Humans tell lies to make the lies to sound like the truth, because if they don't sound like the truth nobody's ever going to believe them.

I would tell you that you know this big pile of evidence that you have for the trinity was the same pile I had. I thought I had all this evidence and I thought it was a slam dunk, come on. We've got all this evidence for the trinity, when you're saying that, I would said that's what I used to think too until I looked. I found that this big pile of evidence that I thought I had was nothing more than a big pile of lies. I can show you how these lies work. The other thing I can show you or I can help you with, if the trinity isn't true, if Jesus isn't God what is the truth about God and and a Holy Spirit. Because I had to find that too. I found out it's sublimely simple, it's far more wonderful than the beliefs you have when you believe in the trinity. it's simple. The rest of the Bible starts to fall into place, and the other thing you'll do is you'll look back and realize how utterly confused and blind you were when you believed in the doctrine of the trinity. If you were my friends sitting around a kitchen table that's what I will tell you, because that was my experience. I look back now and I realized man was I in the dark with these lies and I understand. Why do you think that it's so obvious that the trinity is true and Jesus is God, it's got to be true I understand that, but that's the problem with lies isn't it people believe lies like that because they've been duped and to believing them.

And whether you got mad or not or angry or not at me, I'd tell you but I'd also offer you, look I can show you if you want, I'm not going to make you, or I'm not going to try and make you, it's up to you if you don't want to see that's up to you, but if you want to find out you've been lied to, in a way that you won't even believe it. When you find out, if you want to find that out, I'll help you see it. I can't believe how big the lie is. I can't believe how many lies are told in trinitarian world I can't even find a way to express it, it's like every term there's a lie, every claim the trinitarians make like
99.99% of these claims are false and they're demonstrably false. I would tell you that if you were my friend sitting around a kitchen table with me, because you're my friend and I don't want you to believe a bunch of lies. This is pretty much why I made this YouTube channel so that whoever you are, you can see, it made me pretty angry when I found out I've been lied to. And you know I thought you know other people got to know, and I know there's a lot of people we're going to put comments down there that are just so thick-headed and stiff-necked and stubborn and obtuse.

I know that's going to happen it's been happening ever since I've had this YouTube channel. But maybe you're not like that, maybe you're someone that says to himself or herself, yeah I do want to know the truth you know no matter what, I want to know. There's a lot of people out there who don't really care I'm telling you, they don't really care what the truth is. They only care what they want the truth to be. Whatever fancies their personal desires. So I would tell you this, I would explain to you, look I get it man, why you think the trinity is true and why you think you've got all this evidence. But I would tell you what you don't get is what you don't see. I've been down that road and I can show you how you've been lied to. I can help you see that but I'm not going to tell you what to believe in the end that's up to you. I just want to show you how you've been lied to. I don't want to show you some other things that you probably don't know, and I probably wouldn't know either, if I was still a trinitarian because I wouldn't went down this road to truth. That's what I would tell you and I would also remind you about something if you're true believer like Paul says in Galatians 2:20. You've been crucified with Christ you've died with the world and so it's not really you who lives anymore, if you are a true believer and you're born again, but it's Christ who lives in you and you walk in his footsteps, in that way. Who was his God? who is his God? the Father.

In the Gospel of John what does Jesus explain? he shows us the way to the Father. A triune God? Jesus is a way to the triune God? Nope. I know you think John 20:28 to slam dunk I thought so too, it's not. The Gospel of John actually tells you what that verses about trinitarians only appeal to their doctrines. They have one ironer doctrine every time they interpret a verse. Their context is trinitarianism that's a problem and maybe that's why Jesus use the language “my Father and your Father and my God and your God” because his God is exactly the same as our God and the only true God is Jesus Christ God. The God of our Lord, Father alone. I would tell you what, the truth is really pretty simple. Lies is, you know a tangled web, what a tangled web we weave, and it's very complicated to explain, a tangled web of lies. A big ball of knots, it's difficult to explain that. But the truth is sublime and simple. Jesus was called the Son of God for a reason, the man, his Father is God(Yahweh) and it really is that simple. If you were my friend and you were sitting around a kitchen table, when we were studying the Bible and the subject came up, that's what I tell you. I'd understand why you think you have a big pile of evidence and I would explain to you, yeah that's what I thought too.

I would explain to you how I found out it's nothing but a big pile of lies and it damages our walk with Jesus Christ, as well very significantly, it prevents us from seeing the victory we can have in Jesus. I would tell you that if you were my friend. I'd get it why you have a hard time believing me, because when I was a trinitarian, if anybody would have told me this I would have had a hard time believing what they were saying. I'd be like, come on. If you were my friend I'd tell you that too but if you look you're going to find you've been lied to in a way that you won't even believe. You'll find the truth when you let go of that idol, you'll find the truth that will make you go “wah”. that's what you'll find. You know Jesus taught us that we have to be prepared to leave things behind if we truly want to follow him. Christianity isn't about defending creed's it's about finding the truth, and following that truth and that's what we got to do. If you were my friend sitting around a table having a coffee with me studying the Bible I tell you things like this. I'd say look man I can show you if you want if you don't want to it's up to you but if you really want to see I'll show you. God bless you.
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