Profanity of Trinity Incarnation Doctrine

Peter Porter
If you take the time to just meditate on the nativity accounts of Jesus in Matthew and Luke with the trinitarian doctrine of the incarnation in mind. You'll start to see that there's some various very serious problems. You'll start to see that there's a problem with Matthew and Luke's account a very big problem and if you keep meditating on it you'll start to see that the implications of trinitarian beliefs are really quite blasphemous. Matthew and Luke both record the birth of Jesus and the things that happen surrounding the birth of Jesus yet neither one of them ever bothers to suggest that baby Jesus is actually Almighty God who came down from heaven into Mary's womb. Now if you just think about that a tiny little bit you'll start to realize that it's kind of ridiculous to suppose that Matthew and Luke believed that baby Jesus was Almighty God who came down from heaven into Mary's womb, yet they kind of forgot to mention that. If you really think about it, if this is what Matthew and Luke really believed and they were going to write an account about it don't you think they would mention it and fact.

Don't you think that this incarnation notion of trinitarians where God almighty is coming down from heaven into the womb of Mary would be at the forefront of their accounts. That this would be kind of the main thing that Matthew and Luke would be talking about but they don't mention it neither one of them mention it, it's completely absent from both of their accounts of the birth of Jesus. It's preposterous completely preposterous to pretend that either Matthew or Luke believe that baby Jesus was Almighty God who came down from heaven into the womb of Mary, but they just didn't bother to mention that. Just think about it, it's absolutely nuts to suppose that Matthew and Luke wouldn't mention this if the trinity was true. Just think of it this way if a trinitarian wrote the account of Jesus birth do you think they'd forget to mention that baby Jesus is God Almighty who descended from heaven into the womb of Mary? No they wouldn't at all. What we have to do is read the trinitarians books and that's what they say. But that's not what Matthew and Luke say Matthew and Luke don't mention a thing about this idea and it's really ridiculous to suppose that they really believed the baby Jesus was God Almighty who descended from heaven into the womb of Mary.

But they didn't think you know they should not bother mentioning that, you see how ridiculous it really is it's just absurd. But the problems don't stop there the implications of the trinitarian incarnation doctrine or theology have some very blasphemous implications. Let's suppose that you're one of the trinitarians who thinks Joseph and Mary was quite aware that their child baby Jesus was Almighty God and so then we'd be compelled to believe that Mary carried Almighty God in her belly. And then Mary saw fit to potty-train Almighty God. Almighty God being potty-trained or we would have to be crazy like Clemente of Alexandria and suppose baby Jesus never went peepee. We would have to suppose that Mary had to teach Almighty God to keep his hands out of the cookie jar or we would have to pretend that Almighty God whether he was two days old two weeks old, two months old or two years old, he always knew what to do. He always knew what to do, think about the implications of that and so we must then believe that they lost Almighty God when he was 12 years old. When Almighty God was 12 years old God's parents lost Almighty God and they were very concerned about Almighty God's whereabouts.

We must accept the fact that Almighty God grew in wisdom and then we must also believe that Mary would see fit to prostrate herself and pray to her toddler son because she knew this was Almighty God her own child and so when she prayed she would prostrate herself before her toddler son and pray to Him. We must also believe that Almighty God's parents believed they had to save God from the threat of human beings like Herod and so they had to protect Almighty God and whisk him off to Egypt, because men were threatening him. Almighty God needed this protection by his parents what if we suppose that Joseph and Mary were completely ignorant that their son was Almighty God? does the situation improve. No God still needed to be saved from the threat of human beings Almighty God was still 12 years old and they lost him. Almighty God still grow in wisdom the profane implications are no better if you pretend that Joseph and Mary didn't know baby Jesus was Almighty God. Now we must believe that Almighty God who is being held in Mary's arms knew every language in the world past present and future and we must believe this despite the fact that we are told this child did in fact grow in wisdom.

We have Almighty God pretending to his mother that he can't speak, kind of deceptive if he can speak don't you think, or we must resort to the ridiculous implications that Almighty God could speak to his mother from the moment he left his mother's womb. Do we claim that, in one day baby Jesus or Jesus of Nazareth was all-knowing and all-powerful but on another he wasn't and we changed what we believe for the occasion. A shifting double minded mind, or do we pretend and this is where it gets really crazy that Jesus baby Jesus of Nazareth's divine nature is a list of attributes like omniscience omnipotence and so on but he gave up some of these. Almighty God gave up some of these attributes when he became human. The attributes that define his divine nature and yet will say he was fully divine even though he gave up some of the things that define his divine nature, and we will still say he was fully God. Just see how ridiculous that is and so we have to kind of talk out of both sides of our mouths if we're going to accept the trinitarian doctrine in that manner. Or we must believe this two-day-old infant child had the inherent power because he's Almighty God to walk on water and to know everything on his mother's mind.

But he is kind of coyly never let her know that and pretended that he needed to grow in wisdom when he didn't even though the Scriptures say he did. We must believe that this infant child could have spoken every language known to mankind past present and future but misled his mother to believe otherwise sacrilege. Such are the implications of the trinitarian madness, all you have to do is sort of just stop and think about it a little bit, think about the implications. If this is in fact Almighty God, this baby in the manger two hours old or two weeks old or two days old think of the implications and you'll see the blasphemy and the sacrilege in this doctrine. Not to mention the madness if his parents knew he was Almighty God according to trinitarian belief you have one set of problems. If his parents didn't know he was Almighty God according to perhaps another trinitarian on another day you have a whole other set of problems. The implications are just ridiculous and blasphemous to think about. You either end up with Almighty God needing protection and he's weak or you end up with Almighty God misleading people pretending to be weak. When he's not or you end up with this situation where you say Almighty God gave up some of his attributes which define his divine nature but yet he's still fully defined divine.

It's lunacy no matter how you think about it you end up in total lunacy and I hope everyone can see that. You know what trinitarians will do, make up excuses, because that's what you do in trinitarian world. The trinity is a tutor of lies and it teaches you to make up lies and excuses to justify your idol no matter what the situation might be, or you could just accept the simple truth. That this child is a son of David and he had his genesis as Matthew says. Matt 1:1 in the genealogy of his human parents and that he's the promised seed of Abraham and of David because God gave that promise that their human son would bless all nations and sit upon David's throne. That this human Messiah would come out of the nation of Israel that he would be a human being just like every other human being, God our Father is powerful enough to raise up this human being as He is salvation and reconcile the world to Himself through this man. Quite simple or we can resort to the lunacy of trinitarian incarnation doctrine and all its ridiculous implications. Matthew and Luke apparently forgot to mention a few things didn't they a few things that trinitarians imagined into the text by an act of their own will.

Trinitarian academics teach their flocks to think in this manner to think in this deceptive manner as if Matthew and Luke just tricked you, you know they were trinitarians but they just kinda didn't bother to mention that Almighty God came down from heaven into the womb of Mary, they don't think that was important. Can you see the ridiculous implications of their beliefs, there are absurd. We just need to accept the scriptural account for what it says, nothing is absurd, it makes complete sense. God bless you.
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