Jesus Testifies Against The Trinity

Peter Porter
There are many reasons to reject the trinity doctrine thought the best reason to reject the trinity is there's nothing more decisive than this. I trust Jesus and there is no more reliable witness than Jesus Christ there's no more trustworthy witness than Jesus Christ for me. I trust no one more than this on this matter than Jesus and so when I want to find out the truth whether God is by identity three person or one. I will go to the testimony of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Jesus does reveal this to us. In fact we're told in the scriptures that the very reason Jesus came was so that we might have understanding and that we might know the true God and Jesus Christ who He have been sent. Look at 1 Joh 5:20, we're told this in John 1:18 Jesus declares or expresses the God that no one has ever seen. Joh 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

This the reason Jesus came. Jesus is our main witness, He's our most trustworthy witness He's our most reliable witness. We start with the fact that Jesus came to reveal the only true God to us so that we might have understanding and we might know the true God. Jesus was a Jew born under the law and this is a very important fact and the reason it's a very important fact is because Jesus having been born under the law. This means He had to obey the law He was an Israelite He was a Jew and God gave the law to Israel and having been born under the law meant he had to obey the law. He was required to observe the law to know what those commands meant and to obey those commands. We can trust that Jesus knew what those commands meant. Fact no 1 Jesus came to reveal the true God to us fact no 2 Jesus a Jew was required to obey the law. Jesus testified concerning the law He told us in the scriptures what he considered to be the number one commandment the foremost commandment of the law. The “Shema Hear o Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one, and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength” Jesus says this in the Gospel of Mark chapter 12 starting at verse 28. Mark 12:28.

In this account Jesus has an agreeable discussion with a Jewish scribe, that didn't happen too often in the Gospels but this time Jesus and this Jewish scribe wholeheartedly agree with each other. Jesus did not correct the scribe by telling him that the one God is three. It is important to see what Jesus said to this scribe, lets read it. Mark 12:28 One of the scribes came and heard them arguing and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Jesus what commandment is the foremost of all, Jesus answered the foremost is this “Hear O Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one, and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind with all your strength. The second commandment is this you shall love your neighbor as yourself there is no other commandment greater than these. The scribe responds and he said to Him you're a right teacher you have truly said that He is one, and there is no one else besides Him and to love Him with all the heart with all the understanding with all the strength. Jesus responds to the scribe is very important, when Jesus saw that he had answer him wisely or intelligently. He said to him you are not far from the kingdom of God.

You can see here we have a very agreeable discussion between Jesus and a Jewish scribe about the foremost commandment of the law the “Shema hear o Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one.” Fact no 3, the Shema is the foremost commandment of the law which Jesus was required to obey. During this discussion something else is revealed to us, because this question of the trinity and the true identity of God heavily revolves around what the Shema means. What does the Lord our God the Lord is one mean. The answer is really in this passage, but we'll see how trinitarians don't want to buy that. We need to validate that answer further. Jesus tells the scribe what he considers to be the foremost commandment in the law. The scribe responds and he says you have truly stated that He is one and there is no other or no one else besides Him. Do you see that, and Jesus responds that he had answered him intelligently, in other words the scribe is right. Now think about what the scribe said here, you were right teacher He is one and there is no other but He. He is telling you right here what the Shema means, it doesn't mean the Lord our God the Lord is “one what” the Lord our God the Lord is one who there is no other but He. Jesus and the scribe arguably qualifying what the Shema means, it means the Lord our God the Lord is one He.

He is not “one what” He is one who. Because of the trinitarian claim that this means the one unity of a divine nature is out to window because the divine nature is a what not a He. We have another fact from Jesus own testimony, our most reliable witness, and that fact is that the Shema refers to one identity in the words “the Lord our God the Lord is one” that really mean the Lord (Yahweh) is one. The implications there should be immediately obvious to anyone that the very purpose of singular personal pronouns are used, is to signify a single person. That is the point of personal pronouns that's why we use them the Lord is one. But for trinitarians that's not good enough they're always trying to slip and slide, and so their answer is well He's one being not one person as if the Bible makes that distinction. They will always brake the rule of language to fit their doctrine.

If you are honest with yourself the answer is in the scriptures, plain and simple. What Jesus means by that one He the answer is there if you just look and it's not the triune being. Jesus testified to the specific identity of that one He by how He obeyed that command of the law the Shema. Who is this one He? Do you really think Jesus thought this “one He” was a triune God. Is Jesus a trinitarian? as a Jew under the law Jesus required to obey the law He also consider the Shema to be the foremost commandment of that law. In order to obey that commandment He had to know what those words meant. He needed to interpret the Shema in order to obey it and Jesus testifies to us how he interpreted those words of the Shema by how he obeyed it. He obeyed that commandment by serving by worshiping only one person as his only God his Father. He obeyed this commandment by recognize amazing only his Father as his God. He obeyed the Shema commandment by loving his Father with all his heart with all his soul with all his strength. He did not love the so call triune God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength as Trinitarians interpret the Shema.

He love His one person Father with all his heart and all his soul and all the strength and the fact that Jesus recognized only His father as His one and only God shows us exactly how He interpreted the words of the Shema. He interpreted those words as referring to only His Father. How do we know that? because that's what He did, He recognized only His Father as His God and He only loved His Father as His God in terms of loving Him with all His heart and all His soul and all His strength. Because of that we can also clearly identify specifically who that “one He” is when Jesus and the scribe are talking about the Shema, there is no other but He. It's Jesus Father they know that the Shema means the Lord our God the Lord is one He. Jesus shows us who that one He is by who He obeyed that commandment. It's obvious what the Shema means, the Lord is one single He and Jesus recognized that one single He to be His Father alone. Jesus did not say He is part of the trinity god. Jesus did not sin did He, He was obedient to the law in every respect, we cannot suppose and play games in our head that He interpreted the Shema secretly and differently and refer to three persons. But He actually did something else and He obeyed it as if it only referred to one person, because if He did not do that He didn't really obey the Shema.

The Shema instructed Him to recognize His God and to know who His God is and to love His God with all his heart and all his soul in all his mind. How did he do that? by serving and worshiping only his Father His Father alone. He didn't believe it, it meant one thing and then he did another that would make him a liar. It would make him a disobedient liar. We know that Jesus is not a disobedient liar, no He is our most reliable and trustworthy witness. But the trinitarian dogma turns Jesus into a disobedient liar someone who interprets the Shema one way but does another. He doesn't obey what He thinks it means he does something else right. If you think about it that's what the trinity doctrine implies that's the implications of that doctrine. But because he did not sin we can be certain absolutely certain that whatever Jesus did to interpret the Shema, to understand to obey and observe this commandment is what it was intended to mean. Jesus understanding of the Shema and His obedience to it must match or else He was a disobedient liar.

Now do you want to believe those who teaches the trinity doctrine or do you want to trust Jesus? That brings us to fact no 6 and this one is about Jesus obedience to the Shema the foremost commandment. It shows us clearly what it really means and precisely who the Shema is identifying His Father alone. There's one more thing Rev 1:6 It is not really Jesus testimony but what Jesus did, the revelation of God to Jesus to give to John to show to His servants in the book of Revelation. Jesus has made us priests and kings to the triune God? Really? Jesus has made us priests and kings to his God and Father. You're being told right there who you are to serve as your God, your are priests to His God. Is the God of Jesus a three-person being? No absolute not, His father alone the one He identified in Shema the Lord our God the Lord is one the one He identified as one single He. If you honestly and reasonably consider all these facts there is no escaping. Two things the Trinity dogma is doing and that is, it turns Jesus into a disobedient liar someone who interprets the Shema like they do but he does something else.

Jesus secretly knows the Shema means the Lord our God the Lord is one unity of three persons or whatever and it means to love the trinity with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. Jesus then didn't obey it, you might say he couldn't obey it at all, exactly it's an impossibility it shows you your doctrine is an impossibility if you're a trinitarian and it shows us one other thing. It shows us that the trinity dogma makes Jesus to turn out to be a disobedient liar. But we know Jesus is not a liar, Jesus testimony is reliable and trustworthy and it shows us precisely, specifically and unambiguously clearly and most certainly who the true God is by identity the ONE true Father. God bless you.
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