The Angel Of The Lord Is Not Yahshua|Heb 1:1-2

let's look at the problem about the angel of the Lord as Yahshua trinitarians like to put it. In the trinitarian mind the angel of the Lord is the pre-existent Yahshua who appears and speaks to the people of Israel at to least certain people in the Old Testament. We will start by looking at the account where Moses meets with the angel of the Lord in the account of the burning bush. The YLT translation has it as follows Exo 3:2: And the Angel of Jehovah appeared to him in a flame of fire from the middle and in a lot of translations....Other translations will say “angel of the Lord”. You will see it as the angel of the Lord appeared to him, Moses. The first lesson on this is to understand the English word “angel” it's not a translated word, it's an anglicized word. What does that mean? well it comes from the Latin “angelus”word which is very closely related to the Greek word “aggelos” and each of these two words simply mean messenger.

If translators had translated this word into English it would say messenger instead of angel in your Bibles, and that's what happens in the Young's literal translation they're actually translating the word instead of anglicized the word. Another example would be like the word Christ that's not a translated word it comes from the Greek word Christos. An anglicized word just means one spell the word to make it sound more English but it's not translated, if you translated the Greek word Christos it would be anointed one. That words not translated in your Bibles either and so it's very important to see that distinction and you will see the YLT uses Yehovah, it is better to say Yahweh there, because this is where the word “LORD” is in all caps in your Bibles. The Jews didn't want to pronounce the name of God(Yahweh) so they would just say Lord instead. The expression “angel of the Lord” really means messenger of Yahweh. This is how it will sound in Hebrew if you were hearing it in the Hebrew language, it would sound more like that messenger of Yahweh or Yahweh's messenger

In trinitarian doctrine this angel of Yahweh or messenger of Yahweh or messenger of Jehovah is Yahweh, that is ""God the son"" the second person of the Trinity. What they say is that the angel of Yahweh in the account with Moses is ""God the son"" and it's taken to be ""God the son"" and all the accounts. Essentially you see this angel of the Lord appearing to various people in the Old Testament but it can't be ""God the son"" that's quite impossible. Let's let's look at what the Hebrews writer says in Heb 1:1-2 Yahweh after he spoke long ago to the fathers and the prophets in many portions and in many ways in these last days has spoken to us in a son. You see what he's saying there. He is saying Yahweh didn't speak to us, and remember he's reading to the Hebrews here, He didn't speak to us, Hebrews or Israelites in a son in the Old Testament. But now He is. You have to really think about this statement the Hebrews writer is making. The Son is only speaking to us “Hebrews” in these last days. This statement wouldn't make any sense whatsoever if the Hebrews writer believed that ""God the son"" had been speaking to them all along. What would be the point of making this statement. Can you imagine a trinitarian actually writing this statement, he wouldn't write this he would write ""God the son"" spoke to us all through the Old Testament not just in these last days, even though He was always speaking to us.

You see what I mean, there's no point in making this statement in fact the Hebrews writer would be misleading people to make a statement like this, if in fact "God the son" had been speaking to Israelites in the Old Testament. As we can see here it's rather obvious if you're a reasonable minded person that "God the son" wasn't speaking to anyone in the Old Testament. “"God the son"” does not in any case exist in the Old or New testament. You see that it's only in these last days since the birth and the life and the death and the resurrection of Yahshua that Yahweh has been speaking to us in a son. In this context “He's talking to us” means “Hebrews Jewish Christians” because Yahweh had been speaking to Israelites in the Old Testament not to everybody else. It's quite impossible for “"God the son"” speaking to anyone in the Old Testament. Another strange thing about this “angel of the Lord” claim, the Trinitarians have is in Trinitarian doctrine this angel of the Lord is Yahweh, that is "God the son" the second person of the Trinity. Now you have this situation where Yahweh is Yahweh's messenger or Yahweh is his messenger if you just think about it it's kind of silly right, it's silly to say or to refer to Yahweh as his own messenger. Angels are his messengers and if you're going to say Yahweh is called Yahweh's messenger you end up in this silly situation. Why would anybody call Yahweh, Yahweh messenger, it's really kind of absurd.

In Trinitarian doctrine “"God the son"” is not an angel and so you have to believe that the angel of the Lord or the angel of Yahweh or the messenger of Yahweh is not an angel. The angel is not an angel just think about the silliness. The Trinity doctrine states that Yahshua and Yahweh are the same substance, and Yahshua is begotten, not made. Angels are created beings that are not the same substance as Yahweh, so logically anyone who believes that Yahshua was the angel of God in the OT doesn’t believe or understands his own trinity doctrine. Angels were created. Look what Stephen says in his testimony, you have to realize this is actually the testimony of Yahshua Christ Act 7:30 he's testifying for the sake of Christ. And he says now when 40 years had passed an angel appeared to Moses in the wilderness of Mount Sinai in the flame of a burning bush..... Stephen tells us it was an angel. Trinitarians tell us it wasn't an angel because "God the son" is not an angel and you see the problem, you can't have it both ways you can't say "God the son" is not an angel and then turn around and say that somehow he was.

Trinitarians really like to use that argument against the Jehovah's witnesses because Jehovah's witnesses say Yahshua is Michael the archangel. They like to argue and say that Yahshua the Son the pre-existence son or whatever is not an angel against the Jehovah's Witnesses but Stephen says this was an angel and therefore since "God the son" is not an angel and in the trinitarian doctrine this can't be "God the son". When you really just start thinking about what trinitarians are saying here with this whole angel of the lord claim you start to realize it's absolutely impossible for it to work. First of all the Bible tells us that "God the son" was not speaking to us in the Old Testament at least from a trinitarian perspective. If you believe that Yahshua was this pre-existent "God the son" then the son speaks to us in these last days there is no point for the Hebrews writer to say anything like that if the son had been speaking to Israel all along. This would be very misleading in fact, we're supposed to believe the angel is not an angel which is silly.

By the way the angel is not an angel no rather the angel is Yahweh the Son and so Yahweh is Yahweh's messenger who really isn't a messenger, vow there's a lot of mental gymnastics. It is obvious that Yahweh's messengers are intermediaries between Yahweh and men and they're called messengers, because they deliver Yahweh's messages. When they speak to men they speak the words Yahweh give them to say to men. When you look at those accounts it looks like Yahweh is speaking directly to men because they're delivering Yahweh's message, Sometimes Yahweh is speaking directly through them. On the account of Moses Exo 33:11 explains that Yahweh spoke to Moses differently. Yahweh spoke to Moses face-to-face personally directly, there wasn't an intermediary angel messenger between Yahweh and Moses. If you read Hebrews 3:1-6 and you compare that to numbers 12:6,7,8 you will see it was Yahweh the Father speaking to Moses. Trinitarian will say at this point it couldn't have been the Father no one's ever seen the Father, you got to keep reading in Exodus 33 it says Moses spoke to Him face to face.

Moses says to Yahweh show me your glory and Yahweh says you can't see my face and live and so Moses was allowed to see his glory but he could not see the face of Yahweh and live, no one can no one ever has except Yahshua who's risen into glory. This also explain the purpose of angels and messengers and how when they came to people they spoke the message Yahweh gave them to deliver. That's why when angels are speaking in the Bible it looks like it's Yahweh speaking, of course it should look like it's Yahweh speaking because that is Yahweh's message that's being delivered to human beings. With Moses it was different Yahweh spoke to Moses personally and he also spoke to the people of Israel personally. The Bible says when he gave them the law they were so afraid that they said don't do this anymore. Moses asked Yahweh not to do this anymore we're afraid we're gonna die and in response to that Yahweh says okay they've spoken okay I will raise up a prophet and I will put my words in his mouth and that prophet was Yahshua as Peter tells us in Act 3:22-26. We know it was Yahweh the Father who made that promise to Moses and Yahweh the Father who spoke to Israel on the mountain and Yahweh the Father who sent His angels to deliver his messages through his messengers. It's absurd to say "God the son" spoke to Israel in the Old Testament when the Hebrews writer says in the old days that didn't happen, in these last days Yahweh is speaking to us in a son.

If "God the son" had been speaking to Israel all that time, "God the son" as per Trinitarian doctrine, that statement would be senseless nonsense wouldn't it. Heb 1:1-2 it's silly to say Yahweh is Yahweh's messenger, Yahweh is called Yahweh's messenger in the Bible, what would be the point of that. What would be the point of that especially when we're told that Yahweh spoke to Moses personally and how can we ever say that the angel of the Lord is not an angel or the messenger is not a messenger when Stephen says it was. That's what trinitarians are saying the angel wasn't an angel the angel rather is Yahweh God, "God the son", makes no sense whatsoever I hope you all got something out of this teaching. Yahweh bless.
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