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Did you know there are two gosples in the Bible....To learn more click here 

The Apostle Paul's gospel is the last gospel, it complete God's Word for us today.... 

The most important search a believer can give himself to is finding out what God's ultimate intention is and how he fits into here to read more about the "The Now And The Mystery".

Ye must be born again is a favourite sermon topic, but relatively few Christians really understand what it means to be born here read more about the "Birthing Defined".

Watch a short video about the coming Rapture 

click here to watch the video.

Why Don't Churches Preach The Revelation of Jesus Christ?? (Rom. 16:25).....Read all about the Revelation here......

Nothing in Christianity Works Properly Without a Knowledge of the Birthing! here to read more 

Do We Follow "Christ In You" Or, "Jesus of Nazareth," Outside of You? here to read more 

News Flash!!!!!!Who Killed Jesus?
Two thousand years ago, the only perfect sinless Man ever to walk on earth, died a horrendous death on a here to read more

There are 200 "in Christ" statements in the Bible.....Get all the information here

Who lives in your temple ?.....Get all the information here