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A Rest for the People of God

Finding rest in Christ Jesus is the greatest enjoyment of my newly found oneness as a Christian. For me, it was like spiritual retirement to receive the grace of God by revelation knowledge. You know the story or your story about when you received rest. Rest is a person. It is Christ Jesus. Because of His grace, He gives us revelation knowledge revealing the Father’s nature and purposes.

This is my story or journey of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is so special and life changing to each one, who receives it. The Lord saw fit for me to complete the entire 40 yrs in the wilderness before going into the promise land, which I would call, “Me in Christ Jesus or Christ In Me.” When we receive this revelation that Christ lives in us as our life, that is where the real rest, enjoyment, peace and happiness begins as a Christian. It is no longer you that lives, but Christ lives in you as your life. This is the good life or as one of my friends would say, “I am living the dream.” That is how sweet it is to live with Christ in you and you resting in Him, instead of only knowing about Him with just head knowledge.

You might be asking, what is resting in Christ Jesus? Rest is ceasing to work to become who you already are in Jesus Christ. If there is any work to be done, Christ will do it. The world is full of religious busy bodies. Working their fingers to the bone, trying to please God and to be right with God by what they do. If we are Christian, we are already right with God, because of what He did at the cross. Our old nature was crucified with Him on the cross and our new nature is Christ in us as our life. (Gal. 2:20) Christ in us is eternal life and cannot be altered or changed, such as save today and lost tomorrow. Christ cannot see us as the person we were before He came to live in us. The reason He cannot see you that way is because that old nature, which you had, does not exist any more. It is dead to Him. God crucified His Son, so He could see only Christ as us.

I was saved at age 12 and did not receive the revelation that Christ lives in me as my life until 40 years later. My Christian experience started by spending 25 years living in the flesh and running from God, because I did not know what to do with all the condemnation and gilt. Then my life came to a stand still, when a great tragedy gripped my life, and the Lord took me down low to show me what He was not. For the next ten years, I was caught up in religion with intense Bible study habits and a strong will to know about the end of the world and the antichrist. I knew more about Satan than I did about Christ. Boy, if you want to know about missing the bulls’ eye, that is it. I understand now why Paul said he didn’t want to know anything, but Christ and Him crucified.

For a while, I cursed my past because of all the years, which I thought were wasted in the wilderness just wondering around from one religious experience to another. Then the lord taught me that it was not all wasted. The world is a schoolhouse, and God is the principal. In His school, there are all kinds of classes, which we must take in order to learn and to know Jesus. The Holy Spirit uses all of my experiences to teach me more about the Christ that lives in me and desires to be my life. You have to know what Christ is not, before you can enjoy and know who He is. You have to be a witness unto Him in oneness, before you can be a witness for Him giving testimony of the mystery of the Gospel of Christ in you. Col. 1:27

For the last 5 years of my 40 year journey, the lord put me through a detox center on religion before giving me the revelation that Christ was in me. Boy, you would not believe the religious cargo that I had picked in my life’s journey. The co-mingling of law and grace teachings had completely exhausted me as a Christian and put me into a bondage working religion. I have only understood this great revelation of Christ in me about 2 years now. sweet it is to live free with Christ continuously as my life, after such a long journey of trying to please God and make it to heaven by my works.

Dove Love,



I am so blessed by the cd’s of "How then shall we live!!!!!" . My mom is listening to them now and also is so blessed.

The Holy Sprit has enlightened the eyes of my heart in ways that words cannot describe. I have heard so many Grace pastors and its all grace but still something missing I just can’t seem to put my finger on it. Pastor Warren says that when the Word that we read , which is truth , connects with the Word within , there’s an explosion that takes place on the inside and I've seen that  happen ........ when the Holy Spirit highlights a scripture, I understand truth.

But many pastors even when not mixing grace and law they still lack one thing, the focus is still on health and wealth, I am so blessed and thank God for opening the eyes of my heart to see ONE THING – CHRIST as my only life.........healthy or sick .......................its His Life now.

Im just so blessed!!!.....................Love L


I like this, I have the same experiences , my parents was very religious , they sort of forced me to go to church as a child and that put me off, as a teenager  I did not go to church I live as there was no God, round about 23 years I start to attend church every now and again, only because I was married and my wife attended a specific church. In my wife's church I experience that it was run like a business, become a member, pay your dues/tithes do this program to improve your spiritual relationship with God and help with certain jobs in the church. I have never been encourage by preacher to have a close relationship with my Father in heaven. I later join a church who was heavy under the law, man there we kept all holly days , the Sabbath day, we will not work on those days from sunset to sunset like the Jews did. The sabbath day was our salvation, if you keep the sabbath then you are saved. We pay 1 tenth of our salary as tithe another tenth as second tithe which we save to go to the feast of Tabernacles, every 3rd year we have to give another third tithe, so you can see I was heavy under the law. Well all of this did not teach me any thing about Christ in me, it was all man made doctrines rules and regulations, and laws for Jews which I am not. I had enough of it, I always felt that there was something missing, something was not right, I could not pinpoint it. To tell you to be under man's law and doctrine is very exhausted and frustrating, there is no fulfillment in it, you really have to work hard to get more faith, you have to fast, pray long hours and, do long hours bible study to get your self righteousness, I always failed and I later felt like a loser because I just cannot get it right.

Fortunately this law church changed it's doctrine and because of this the church brake up in different groups, I left that church. Shows you what happen to human institutions. If only everyone can see Christ in him, only then we will have unity. Well lucky me about ± 2 years ago somebody gave me a cd of Warren Litzman where he explain the Birthing, since then my life has changed completely, I learn it is not me who live any more but Christ in me, He is now doing what ever I must do, He is now living the life as me, I have rest, I have peace, I have faith, I have happiness ( my wife always asking “why are you laughing “}  I am in love with Christ and with my Father in heaven , this is all  possible because of Christ in me, He is all those things, and you know what, I can face whatever problem come my why, I just give it to Christ, He sort it out, I do not have to do any thing to build up any faith any more, faith is in me and that is Christ, I just rely/trust on Him in me. You know what, I have a wonderful teacher, sent by my Farther to teach me about Christ in me, the Holy Spirit, He always comfort us, and He will always guide you to see Christ in you, usually in any circumstances or decision you have to make, the first voice or inspiration you hear or feel would be  the Holy Spirit, we must just fine tune our ears to listen to Him. The Holy Spirit taught me that I am just a cup or a temple for a deity, it is either satan who live in my temple or Christ, fortunately I know my Father has birthed me and that His divine nature ( that is Christ )is now living in my temple and it is His living water which must flow through me as me.

I am still learning and the progress in my mind/soul will always be there until my mind is Christ's The battle in the mind is necessary, and all the circumstances and situations in my life force me just to see more and more Jesus in me, I don't have to seek him any more, He is in me as me.

Well Rick not long any more, brother, we will join our Father .

Peter Porter

Octavia Harris

Rapper. Singer. Producer. Prostitute. Lesbian. CHRISTian

With ever an eye on the big picture, Octavia’s motive and passion are to share her gifts with whomever possible, as she presents to them what GOD has given her through her life’s experiences, which gives her a unique perspective and is reflected in the music she makes, with songs that not only talk about victories, but also abuse, being single and abstinent, along with other relevant issues that aren’t often discussed generally within the church’s four walls, to an ever evolving fan base. Octavia keeps an ear to the pulse of what’s popular, but will not compromise her relationship with the LORD. At the beginning and end of the day, Octavia’s heart for people remains the same: “give them hope through an understanding of just how much GOD loves them.”

“Anybody can make millions selling sex – that’s easy. The challenge is to make a million without selling sex. I want to show young ladies, it’s possible to do it with your MIND and not just your BODY. #BEMYSELF” – Octavia Harris is doing a lot to help the youth in her country - please visit hear website -

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Praise the Lord God lead me to U I so believe in Christ in me but I admittedly confess is was nothing I did to come to this revelation. I've been saved now for 29 years but it wasn't until 7 years ago and recently 4 years with the suicidal death of our son and me contracting bells palsy that I received the revelation of 2 Cor: 5:17 I've written many small article concerning Christ in me my only life and hope and God has develop what I call 4 P's to help teach this truth I've written "do you see what I see"? it's a free down load you on site at I am thankful that I know you thru your book "every believer must have a revelation of Jesus Christ, it's a divine moves as how I got this book..can you help me get my book about these 4 P's published or give me some ideas to help get Christ's message of true discipleship according to Lk 9, deny self take up the cross and really follow Him.God bless you brother I hope to hear from you can listen to us every sat my hubby Walter and I at please put us on your prayer list we are fighting the good fight of faith.. in Him!

I signed up to the magazine, reading Mr WL material now, I praise the Lord God for leading me to you all. I look forward hearing from you and thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight that the Lord has given you. Please see our daughter site at God has changed her and she has a ministry for the youth and she is learning how to get to know the real (Her) in Christ.  Many of my African American bro/sis  are so deceived about their identity in Christ and hang on their (religion) and (Jobs) external stuff and because of this they live double-minded serving 2 masters and fighting the wrong enemies Gal. 5:15 biting each other and living lonely defeated lives.. my heart breaks for them, I thank God for these 4 P's because he gives me new and fresh ways to say the same thing in scriptures about our exchange life in Christ Gal.2:20 but for many they still don't get it. I know it's the Holy Spirit the 2 P (Power) that makes those eyes open. Sometime it really gets discouraging when you pour out so much and seems like you get back so little, but I've learned that only God is my main audience and if he's pleased that's all that matter by faith in Christ. I praise God for Paul Prayers in Eph and other places, for me to live is Christ and die is gain, but for now I must keep working while it is day. I believe the Lord lead me to Paul's mighty prayers to  memorize and renew my mind with them so in God's sovereign timing he open my eyes to see just a little bit more who Jesus is in me and how free and rich I am in Him. O Praise be to God this is the message the calling the purpose for why I am still on this side of glory so I may continue to learn how to deny my self take up my cross and continue to learn about Him from the inside out. Praise be to God we have already overcome the spirits of the anti Christ and the flesh for I do hate all that is in this world cuz it hates my Lord, 1 John 2 Hallelujah for His words of life!

Name  Mrs toni gatlin

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