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The Father’s Intention

To look at God like some one may predict the weather is foolishness. To try to pin God down based on the finite knowledge we have is foolishness. But the study of God’s word will in time bring the believer to some understanding of what God is doing. His knowledge is so far above and beyond our understanding that reading the same passage in the Scriptures again and again,will grow and take on new meaning from time to time. Humans think they can read God’s Word once and know it all. In my life, I have seen greater understanding come to me from John 3:16 each time I entered a new walk in the Spirit, when I went through a new experience, or when there were great changes in my life brought by the C&S gang (my circumstances and situations). This happens because the Father is always bringing me into His ultimate intention for my life and for His eternal plan. You see, there are two guidelines given to every ongoing believer: 1. You were chosen to be in Christ (Eph. 1:4). You were not just chosen to be saved; you were not chosen just to go to Heaven; you were not just chosen to be a Christian rather than a Buddhist. You were chosen to be in Christ. The wisdom of the Father clearly shows in this fact. God knew humans could never be what He needed them to be within themselves. Just as Lucifer failed even though he was living in the Father’s house and in His presence. God knew He could not trust His creations, remaining free-moral creations, to ever be what He needed in a family. So He placed, baptized, completely immersed the believing sinner, instantly when they believed, into Christ (Rom.6:3) so his life would never be his own (Gal. 2:20). The Father’s intention in this is to make sure every child He produces will have His nature in them. He knows created beings, even in His image and likeness, can miserably fail Him, just as Lucifer did. But there was one who never failed Him, Christ, His Son; and when a sinner believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father puts

His seed, Christ, in them and never worries about who they are, or where they are headed in life. This is His intention and has worked and is working every moment after a believer is re-birthed. 2. The Father also used Christ’s death on the Cross. By Christ’s work on the Cross, God had the power to change humans and make them what He wanted them to be. He could just say the word, or point His finger and get what He wanted. But this could not have been done without them being in Christ. So to change humanity to fit His plan, all sinners were placed in Christ by the cup He drank at Gethsemane  and, therefore, all were crucified with Him, died with Him, were buried with Him, were resurrected with Him and ascended with Him to heavenly places. The Father worked out His intention for His family perfectly. It seems strange to me that any human would question God at any time on anything. But seeing that all humans have been possessed with Adam’s nature at their natural birthing, there is little wonder that humans would not question God’s knowledge. Stranger still are the born-again believers who constantly question God. This is done in ignorance; they still have not come to the revelation that they no longer live, but Christ lives in them (Gal. 2:20).

Believers who do not know Christ is their life are always questioning something. They question what God is doing outside of them; they question what God is doing inside of them. This is because modern religion denies people the final gospel, Paul’s gospel, which, alone, spells out God’s intention for them as well as His intention for the world. Some of the people who edit and print new translations of the Bible are the most ignorant of God’s original intention. They cut out of their new translations most of the facts that have to do with the Father’s original intention. They cut out  “in Christ” statements. They cut out the word  perfect when it refers to the fact that re-birthed believers, in their spirit, stand perfect before God. These and many more omissions are all aimed at the plan of God that calls for His offspring to have His nature in them. It is for this reason that we in the Christlife stick to the old King James Version of the Scriptures. We believe it has been less messed up by modern religion and has less of an agenda by its translators. In the plan of God, it is never God’s intention just to save sinners for the Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or Pentecostal doctrines. It is His intention to save them for His house and family in Heaven. By the time religious groups spell out what is necessary to be one of them in fellowship, or to join their church, you will need a new Bible just to understand what they are doing. Of course, the Father’s plan gets lost in all this. His eternal intention to have His own family is lost to people building their own doctrines and their own buildings. But the worse part of all this is what is happening to the hungry believer wanting to really know God and His plan for them. They are denied God’s intention for their lives and continue trying to be good according to whatever religious circle they are involved with. God’s intention for the human life is clearly spelled out in Paul’s epistles.

When mankind starts changing anything Paul teaches, especially the teaching He received directly from Christ by revelation, you will have what we have now in religion. It will be everybody believing their own thing, ignoring what Christ gave Paul as the final gospel. The fact is modern religion cannot operate according to Paul, who said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Its entire structure is contrary to the final gospel. Those in religion would have to start all over; and only God, their Father, could work that out. Most, it seems, do not have the ability to do this, and God is not in the business of just changing religious denominations; He is in the business of bringing offspring whom He has already birthed to the fullness of the Christ who lives in them. His  desire is for His own children, not just the structures of manmade religion. The idea of the Father’s intention, or the idea that He even had an original intention, seems to upset some theologians to no end. Modern theology spends most of its time dealing with what happened after the beginning and very little time spent with what happened before the beginning. Of course, there are only two thoughts before the beginning that have to do with the plan where God would birth His own children. Both of these thoughts would be the basis for the eternal plan, and both have to do with the children He would birth Himself.

These two thoughts would eventually form the foundation of His ultimate intention and are mentioned fewer than three or four times in the whole of the Scriptures. They are found in Ephesians 1:4 and 1 Peter 1:18–20. The essence of these verses could only take place in the Father’s time, and that time came some 4,300 years after Creation. Until the time came to induct these two ideas into effect, they were just God’s thoughts; and as the Scriptures say, they were hidden in God from the beginning of the world (Eph. 3:9). These two Scriptures only surfaced when the Father was ready to birth His own family. The in Christ idea would belong only to the born-again, and the Father would make it all work through Christ’s death on the Cross. Some worry about what happened to Israel when Christ died on the Cross. His death there is for whosoever believeth, Jews, Gentiles, anyone and everyone. Everyone who is born again loses their original ethnicity and culture, as well as their old way of living. They are boni fide, fully birthed children of God. This was the Father’s intention from before Creation. Nothing in creation changes any part of His original plan. Those who do not accept Christ this side of the Rapture will have opportunity to accept Him under another plan. This plan has to do with Israel, who still rejects her Messiah, as well as the many who come out of the Great Tribulation. But none of these fulfill the Father’s original intention or are a part of it. By that time, His heavenly family will be formed and His original plan completed. The key to all of this is the difference between the two phrases before the foundation of the world and  from (or  after) the foundation of the world. There are two plans, one before the world was created and one after the world was created.


There are at least three things necessary to the believer who is growing in the knowledge of the Lord.

These three things form a foundation for searching the Scriptures. First, to understand the final gospel, you must see how Jesus showed Paul how everyone who is born again loses their original ethnicity and culture, as well as their old way of living.

They are bona fide, fully birthed children of God. It was to be interpreted. In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Paul lays out the fact that the human is tripartite; that is, he is composed of body, soul, and spirit. This is like a template showing how all of the final gospel given to Paul is to be laid out. Everything Paul received from Christ fit this template. As you read the Scriptures you will see how the Lord deals with the tripartite human. Second, you must learn to rightly divide the Scriptures. Even in Paul’s epistles, he says things directly to Israel that do not belong to Gentiles. He is attempting to reach Israel with the final gospel as his heart burns with desire to see Israel saved. While these are good and often blessed truths, they belong to the one Paul is talking to. There are many occasions when truth that belongs to Israel does not belong to the Church.

Third, Paul lays out the fact that salvation has three phases. The verse directly dealing with this is 2

Corinthians 1:10. There are three very obvious aspects of the one’s salvation. 1. The Scripture says, “We are delivered from so great a death.” This refers to the end of sin being death.Adam’s sin and the old nature are all under the sentence of death. Salvation puts the old sin-nature out and brings in a new nature. Salvation is the deliverance from death to life. This part of salvation is in our spirit and is complete the moment we believe on Christ as our Savior. This phase of salvation is perfect; for He that is joined to our spirit is perfect. 2. The next line in this verse simply says, “and doth deliver.” This is the second phase of salvation. Doth deliver means there is a work of salvation going on continuously in our souls. Actually, while we are saved instantly in our spirit, the salvation of our mind, will and emotions (what some call our hearts) is progressive. This phase of salvation will continue throughout eternity and is imperfect. We will continue studying the Word in Heaven because the Word is eternal. 3. The third phase of salvation is  “yet to be delivered.” This speaks of our bodies. Our bodies are corruptible and without renewal until the resurrection morning. Then we will have the final phase of salvation, an incorruptible body (1 Cor. 15:52–54). You can see that the template of the tripartite human is wisely used by the Apostle Paul in this verse. This was not of his own wisdom; it was a part of the final gospel Christ gave to Apostle Paul. Undoubtedly, the ongoing believer will come to this new wisdom as he grows in Christ (1 Cor. 2:4–12). These verses should be studied until the believer is gripped with the true wisdom from Christ (1 Cor.1:30) that speaks a different knowledge to the on-going believer than the world or religion has.