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                                                             “Ye must be born again”

                                                             (John 3:7) THE BIRTHING

Born-again Defined

Written By Warren Litzman

Introduction  “Ye must be born again is a favourite sermon topic, but relatively few Christians really understand what it means to be born again. Why is it such a rare thing to hear a simple exposition of what the new birth means and what takes place when one is born again?  This has always perplexed me because the fact is our supernatural birth is as real as our natural birth.

To understand the birthing, what it truly means to be born again, a historical setting may be helpful.In the Old Testament, salvation was of the soul.That makes salvation easy to understand because most of us grew up in religion where we learned a vocabulary to express the concept of salvation through soul-winning campaigns and being a soul winner.The use of the word soul is primarily Old Testament terminology.In the Old Testament, the saving of the soul was the only salvation available because salvation of one’s spirit by Christ was not yet a reality. Christ had not yet died on the cross, and no provision had been made for an exchange of spirits wrought by Christ in the person at that time. This exchange takes place in the believer’s spirit: Satan out and Christ in. All soul salvation was of self-effort and the person had to do something to make it happen.

An example of this would be Abraham, who was said to be a great man of faith, but the Scripture states that what made him a great man was his obedience – which is self-effort. Obedience salvation requires that you do something.  All salvation in the Old Testament was soulish with no exchange taking place in spirit.

In the Old Testament the word soul is used eight times more than in the New Testament. In Paul’s epistles, he uses the word soul only nine times.  There is little mention of soul in the New Testament because once Christ is birthed in the spirit of the believer there is nothing you can do to improve the condition of the spirit.

In the Old Testament salvation was done soulishly, and the human spirit (Satan’s nature, kindly referred to as “Adamic nature”) was brought under subjection.  That was very tenuous because even the greatest people in the Old Testament had a difficult time bringing their spirit under subjection.

The Liberating Secret It is my understanding that the entire purpose of the third-dimensional world existing around us is to facilitate what I see in the Scripture as the “liberating secret.”  The liberating secret is something hidden in God that no man in the Scriptures knew anything about until God revealed it to Paul (Gal 1:15,16), and Paul spoke of it in his epistles. Paul would finally summarise the liberating secret in (Colossians 1:26,27) as “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  He would go on to teach us that the creature was a container with Christ living His life in and through the creature.  All this comes about as a result of the birthing.

The word birth when used literally always means a new life coming into existence with the same nature as the parents.  When a wolf or sheep is born, there is a new life with a wolf nature or the sheep nature, respectively.  When a child is born into the world, a new life comes into existence.  This life has the nature of the child’s parents, which is sinful and subject to death. Jesus called this birth “of the flesh”, and the result is flesh.  This birth of the flesh receives its nature from Adam, the father of the human race.  The Adamic nature, however, is a sin-nature or a Satan-nature.  The only thing God could do with the flesh was to judge it, and the judgment resulted in condemnation and execution (Rom.8:3; Gal.2:19; Rom.6:6). Scripture does not teach that the human being has a nature of its own.  To be re-birthed does not mean that this life, which is born of the flesh, is changed or made over.  Because Satan’s nature misused the Creator’s creation of the human, the creature had to have a miracle to ever function according to its original, Godly creation.  That miracle would be an exchange of natures making the new birth imperative.  

The new birth is a birth in the spirit.  It is to be, “born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God” (John 1:13). It is the coming into being of a new life, which has the incorruptible and immortal (not subject to death) nature of its father, God. Of the new birth, Peter writes

“Being born again, not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible, by the word of God which liveth and abideth forever” (1 Peter 1:23)

This Seed not only lives forever; but it also remains in the one who is born of God

(1 John 3:9).  Such life must be eternal, just as Jesus says it is (John 3:16). Life, which is eternal, cannot die.  All who are born of the incorruptible Seed have an incorruptible nature (the God-nature), which is eternal life. It is impossible for such to be unborn, for that would mean the corruption of the divine nature and the death of that which cannot die.

The Origin of the Plan of God. If someone were to ask you what your origin was, what would you say?  Your first idea might be that you had a mother and a father, and when they came together you came out of their union. But that is not really your origin.

Someone else might say: My origin was when I was saved.  That is when I was birthed, or born again. But that would not real be your origin either. You might even go all the way back to Adam and say that your origin was in Adam, your forefather. But that would not be correct either. In order to answer this question you must start with God and the Plan He had before the foundation of the world.

According as he hath chosen us in him (Christ) before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” (Eph 1:40)

What was behind this great plan of God?  Before anything that was created the Bible tells us that God had a house full of creatures. The creatures that God created had no sonship quality in them and did not bear the earmarks of God’s nature.  Having a father spirit, God took one of these creatures and placed him as a son, and we know that son to be Lucifer.  One day this son, Lucifer, who is called son of the morning in (Isaiah 14:12), decided he was greater than God.  He tried to take over God’s house, causing God to take action.

If I were to ask you who you think God is, the first thing to come to your mind would probably be that God is love. That answer would be correct because God is love and all He wants from His created creatures is reciprocal love.  Love is what He did not get from Lucifer.  God does not want a creature that is forced or programmed to love Him. God wants a creature to love Him by a free-will decision because of who He is. God, as Father, wanted to fill His house with sons, and that is how His great plan came about.

The Bible tells us exactly what God thought at that very moment.  In (Ephesians 1:4) we read, “According as he has chosen us in him (Christ) before the foundation of the world . . .” According to this fact, God made a choice that all His sons would be in Christ. He made that choice before He even began the foundation of the world. It is not surprising that the most often stated truth in the New Testament is that of being “in Christ,” The great liberating secret comes from the in-Christ statements.  God created free moral agents, just like you and I, with a plan that one day we would come to a place where we discover that we cannot save ourselves and that we need help.  Our lives might be in turmoil, and we may come to the conclusion that we cannot work it out by ourselves.  At that moment God’s liberating secret goes into effect because we have the free-will decision of turning to Jesus, and when we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, God births His Son in us.  An unfortunate fact today is that multitudes of believers who are saved do not know the liberating secret. They have no understanding of Christ in them and what that means.

The only way there can possibly have another person in you is to have a conception, which brings about a birthing.  There is no other way to accomplish a birthing action. From the time God decided He was going to put Christ in the believer to the time He first did it, at least 4,000 years passed. Everything that happened during that time period had to do with setting the stage to bring about the liberating secret.  As born again believers, we know something that neither Isaiah, Moses, Abraham, Jacob, nor Adam knew.  We know something that no one in this world knew for over 4,000 years. We know that the only way a creature can ever please God is for God to take a part of Himself and put it into the creature.  Throughout the entire Old Testament, the theme is that people must do something to please God. God allowed the people in the Old Testament to approach Him by their own works; however, they had to offer a sacrifice by killing and animal.  The required sacrifice pointed to the Cross, but killing an animal did not save the people, as there was no eternal life in anything they did. “He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life” (1 John 5:12).  God waited 4,000 years until the momentous event of the Cross

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